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About Us

At LoanBYE, we believe financial wellness is a key driver for overall happiness and productivity at work.


Student loan debt is both a personal and national crisis. According to 2021 census data, over 43 million Americans are struggling with more than $1.73 trillion in federal student loan debt. This issue is plaguing the U.S. workforce and negatively impacting employers’ ability to attract and retain talent. LoanBYE was created to help address the student loan debt crisis and improve the financial wellness for millions of employees that have taken on significant debt.

Our platform provides a win-win for both employee and employer. LoanBYE is addressing the student loan debt problem by leveraging employer contributions that help employees pay down debt faster and enabling them to focus on building their wealth and improving financial wellness.

Through this innovative employee benefit, employers can effectively attract, retain, and incentivize employees.

What is LoanBYE’s mission?

LoanBYE’s mission is to provide an employee benefit that helps individuals manage their student loan debt and improve their financial well-being. It is LoanBYE’s belief that a happy employee is a productive employee, and one who is likely to remain in their position longer. Improved employee retention reduces recruiting and training time and costs, and helps employers maintain a talented and experienced staff.

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